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Welcome delegates to the second edition of the Model of United Nations in the Colombo Gales School GMUN 2017.


It is our privilege to be recognized as the Secretary Generals of this summit. Even though, we cannot forget this is a huge responsibility which we have put our effort in. As so, we have high expectations on you, delegate and the entire model.


This was born as a small project a two years ago, and look at it now! More than hundred students from different grades talking and discussing about topics that affect not only our cotidianity, but also the course of world development, our world.


Now, delegates; it is your chance to make your voice be heard, to propose the solutions everyone needs, and overall, to make this world great again.


We wish you the best!


Valeria Cormane Alfaro and Martin Duarte Jaramillo

GMUN 2017 Secretary Generals.

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